How to choose your High School Yearbook photo... -

How to choose your High School Yearbook photo…

Choosing your YB photo is not as simple as it seems.

Mind you this is the image your friends will remember you by.

This is the shot that goes on TV if you do something famous or spectacular.

You will WEAR this photo at your high school reunions to remind all what you looked like in the prime of your life!

But how do you CHOOSE?

At TA Schmidt Photography we have a certain way of working.

NOT like you are used to seeing a photographer at school or your Mom with a camera.

Never hearing time and time again…….




Just a natural sequence of images ranging from quiet attitude to fun and playful smiles.


Not forced and fake.

So when you narrow down your proofs to your most favs what do you look for to choose?

We suggest picking the shot that most of your friends would like to remember you by.

That warm and fun friend they survived high school with.

That fun and slightly crazy buddy they could depend on in thick and thin.

Most of the time it is a bright smile that can light up a room.

But not always…. becasue you too are unique!


tom s

PS School starts in about 18 days. Do you have your senior portrait scheduled yet before life gets busy with homework and social fun stuff?

Senior pictures at TA Schmidt Photography

A great look is more than just a smile. It is the eyes, attitude, pose and chemistry to have it all come together.


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