Seniors (high school) and siblings -

Seniors (high school) and siblings

Senior portraits are a great time to get siblings in on the fun at TA Schmidt Photography

Senior portraits are a great time to get siblings in on the fun at TA Schmidt Photography

Often times when a family has several students graduate from high school over a decade or so they return to the same photographer for senior pics to get a similar style and experience. It’s comfortable, they are aware of the process and pricing, and it’s just easy to not have to make another decision.

If the experience was good, the photos great and the photographer still in business everything goes just peachy.

However, if the senior only got half a session, only those outside photos in the heat of the day, or the posing and expressions were forced and odd or the school decided to use a national “kiddie pix” chain to do the yearbook photos you might consider a couple opti0ns.

While the yearbook does need to be done by the contract photographer your personal photos can be taken by any photographer that gives you the images you want.

A case in point will be Foothill High School this year that took their local photo business out of town to those folks doing the annual underclass photos for years. Sure, the name may be different to protect the guilty but it is the same corporation. (Watch what happens when Bond issues are floated during election time and how these same schools begging for money and “wanting to keep students and jobs local”.  The usual two faced double talk games to get into your pants…pocket)

No worries, after nearly 40 years we are still here to give your senior a custom indoor studio and outdoor photo shoot. Still more backgrounds, sets, locations, poses and package options than anyone in the North State. Still the only Master of Photography, not trained with a couple weeks at the corporate office but with over 10,000 seniors photographed one at a time looking to crate images that share the personality and story of the individual.

If the cookie cutter poses and herd the cattle mentality are good for you, my best wishes and good luck.

If you want to work with a real pro that can take the time to make your images sing, give us a call at 244-2636.


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