The True Cost of Selfies -

The True Cost of Selfies

TA Schmidt Photography makes great business portraits for profiles and business appllications

A great headshot shows you care enough about your professional image to be taken seriously

Unless you are a 15 year old girl starving for attention or brazenly marketing your own porn site you might want to think twice about those selfie snaps.

More and more biz owners and large employers are trolling the web to protect their interests with employees and digging deep before they make a new hire.

So that shot of you and your drunken buddies with a tower of beer cans may be epic at the moment it may become an EPIC fail when trying to land a new job or promotion.

And ladies if you want to be shown the respect you think you deserve,  sharing the mirror bootie shots in the bathroom may earn you LIKES and ego swelling comments,  but the longer term effect may be spiraling in the wrong direction.

If you want to look like a pro.

If you want people to like and TRUST you and take you serious.

If you want to advance in society.

Show you care enough about yourself for a real headshot for your resume, profiles and biz card.

It may be the best $100 you have ever invested.


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