Redding light is right for pictures -

Redding light is right for pictures

Redding seniors love the 3 indoor camera rooms and outdoor portrait park at TA Schmidt Photography

TA Schmidt has the only private Hollywood style portrait park in the North state. Great for senior pictures with or without the $49 MakeOver option.

You probably didn’t realize that the local lighting from the clouds, haze and smoke is ideal for portraits.

Many people think that bright sunny days are best.

Until they start looking at vacation photos with the high contrast and “raccoon” shadows under the eyes.

Even for classic landscape photography you almost never want that high noon lighting.

The softer sunset lighting gives texture and dimension to scenery and a soft warm glow to people.

Thinking back to the Fountain Fire we had a few years ago I know we did some of our best high school senior and family photos with the orange tinted skies.

Everyone appeared to have a rich tan that year due to the unusual fire caused light effect!

Of course right now we are in the beginning of the 2015 high school senior season.

Now is a great time to get images made before school starts with the busy sports and social calendar.

Call 244-2636 for your senior, family or children’s photo shoot!


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