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Look better in your Senior pictures

Three things to help you look great in your photos.
1. Pick flattering clothing. Too many girls and women choose clothing that does not help. Not happy with those upper arms? Then NO SKINNY STRAPS or cut away sleeves. A photo is static, it does not move or change angle. If your upper arms or muffin top show it is FOREVER. Need help choosing your best outfits or want killer formal dresses and gowns for just $20?  See Annie’s Styles and Stitches in Palo Cedro, call 227-3403 for consultation.

2. Don’t “try” to smile. Fake smiles are reserved for used car dealer and late night preachers. If you have a good photographer the natural smiles will come without being asked. At my studio the SMILE word is not allowed once we start shooting… doubly so when photographing children!

3. Seniors and women should get a MakeOver for hair and makeup. Photo lighting is different than normal home or office lighting and even refined from evening/date night makeup. How to highlight your best features and hide those things you do not want to see can be done by a pro. We just happen to have a VERY good one next door at All Pinned Up with Trina Fee. Call 510-2857 to set up the best $49 investment you can make for looking awesome.


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Senior Makeovers for portraits are the best way to look great in your pix!

A photo makeover before your session can turn nice into stunning!


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