Gathering for the summer in Redding -

Gathering for the summer in Redding

A free consultation will help guide you to a great family portrait.

Your family pictures in the studio, at your home or outdoors from TA Schmidt Photography.

Weddings, funerals, the winter Holidays and summer reunions are about the only time you get the entire family under one room at the same time.

Work and school schedules.

Activities and commitments.

Finances and travel time.

All make it tough for the clan to be together.

The more kids and the further they live away the more difficult it is to round them up.

That’s why when they ARE together and you want to save the moment in time with a great family portrait you need to prepare a bit for the best experience.

Knowing you have folks on the road with limited luggage it is good to set the ground rules early.

Ideally the ENTIRE family should be wearing no more than three colors of the same tonal range.

All “summer light” colors with whites  and pastels.

Or all mid tones remembering stripes and patterns are too much of a distraction in any set of colors.

And of course all darker colors if you want to hide weight on any family members.  DO NOT mix light and dark colors in a photo shoot… the contrast will draw the viewers eyes to places they should not be going.

When you are ready for your session just give me a call for a FREE pre portrait consultation to fine tune your session.  Little things that will make a big net gain in your final result.

You could snap some pictures at your family outing and call it a day.

Or you can do it right with a real family portrait that everyone will be proud to own for generations.


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