Something different from Redding's #1 photo studio -

Something different from Redding’s #1 photo studio

Products photographed for books, magazines, websites and display

TA Schmidt Photography shoots products in the studio and on location.

Unless you have been around Redding a REALLY long time you may not know of some of the TA Schmidt Photography history.

We started working with Dick Black Studio almost 40 years ago as a wedding photographer and lab tech after attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. After a few years there and building the wedding biz up to 50-70 weddings a year I moved over to Crown Camera for a brief stay while preparing for my own studio. The first few years of my own shop were mostly weddings and commercial work for the hair care industry that was growing leaps and bounds in the area with Jhirmack in the center of the growing hub.

We also did a lot of commercial work shooting for all the lake resorts and houseboats, tons of work for the local lumber industry, fashion shoots for the wedding and prom makers in town for Wedding and 16 Magazines.

I always enjoyed the brochure jobs and annual reports because each assignment brought new challenges and a new learning experience on how the company grew and did their marketing.

Too bad the local economy does not have as much of the manufacturing as it did just 20 short years ago. The higher paying jobs were great for growing the local businesses and keeping the real estate market rising and healthy.

The occasional commercial shoot still comes through the studio. It give me a chance to dust off the old lighting skills and not have to worry about posing or expression.

It’s still a blast to make someone’s product the star of a book, brochure or website.


tom s


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