Are Thank You Notes a lost art? -

Are Thank You Notes a lost art?

Redding's fast Grad Card maker

Graduation Announcements and thank you notes.

We have been doing a ton of Graduation Announcements for 2014 Redding and North State high school seniors. As the students and parents come in to approve the design or pick up the order we always ask about thank you notes. “What will you do when family and friends send back some $$$ for graduation?”

Often times it is the blank “deer in headlights” stare. Never thought about it!

That is the another perfect reason to use our sweet system for both the Grad Cards and Thank You Notes.

They will print, stuff, address and mail your custom card the next business day for as low as 93 cents per card plus postage.

You never have to handle a thing.  Once you have the addresses entered just one time  (and you can import them if you have in a common format) you just touch a button and all the work is done for you.

You can even try it for FREE.

Go to

Use the on line help to cruise through sending your first card or call me at 244-2636 so I can  personally walk you through the easy process.


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