How to pick a prop for your child's session -

How to pick a prop for your child’s session

Most parents don't want yet another "school picture" headshot of their child when coming to a real portrait studio. They come in expecting more of a story telling approach and more "art" than just a snapshot of a grinning kid.

To get that image takes a little planning and forethought because it's hard to read minds and intentions and even harder to have every imaginable prop in stock at the studio.

What does your child LOVE to do?

What activity do they get lost into forgetting about hunger and time?

What is the main family project?

Cars.  Outdoors.  Sports.  Martial Arts. Travel.

What does Dad or Mom do for a living or have for a passion?

Each of these insights can lead to the perfect prop to build your story session.

As always, if in doubt– bring more than you need and we can help choose the best option for photos. If you don't bring it we can't shoot it!


tom s


If you have not yet tried Redding's best portrait studio, the only Master of Photography with a custom Indoor/Outdoor Hollywood style portait park, maybe now would be good. Adorable Kids Contest sessions with 2 outfits are only $25 including a free print for you and the contest. It's also a great time for outdoor family and high school senior pix with the weather nice and the landscape has turned from winter brown to Spring green!

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