It's all about the face/Redding Photographer -

It’s all about the face/Redding Photographer

There is an old Chinese saying that suggests there are only 7 faces in the world and all of us on earth are a variation of one of those. Each of the seven faces has a key feature and shape that translates over and over again through out the world and history.

Think about how families often pass down the same traits and tonality. Generation after generation you see similar eyes, mouths, hairlines, cheekbones.

Look at different regions of the world where a pattern emerges and continues on for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Great photography will capture and share those best features and hide those you do not like.

Does your photographer know the best angles for your type of face or just bang away with some froced smiles for the camera.

You choose the images you want to leave for eternity….


tom s


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