Redding Photographer sees 2014 Seniors keep on coming... -

Redding Photographer sees 2014 Seniors keep on coming…

Here we are the end of August with the first football game of the season tonight.

Students are getting into the homework mode, friendships renewed, social activities rising and for 20114 kids senior portraits getting done now.

Like with all of life you can do it one of two ways.

Quick and cheap not caring about results and just getting another thing off the "to do"  list which guarantees another disappointment.

Or take the time to choose a real photographer that meshes with your style and needs.

Do you want someone that knows proper lighting so you dont have the dark racoon eyes and splotchy skin?

Would you prefer great posing so you don't look fat even in your fav outfit?

Is it important to have no zits in your photos without that fake Barbie Doll like skin you see in many cheapo images?

With luck you are only a senior once…. choose wisely my friend.


tom s


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