Redding Photographer Reveals all... Outdoor portrait park #1 -

Redding Photographer Reveals all… Outdoor portrait park #1


These last two tour posts will show a few of the many outdoor scenes that can be worked into your photo session. Mind you these are just a few of the outdoor places we can work right on the property. Other scenes like the tire swing, winter chair lift, New Orleans Ironworks, Pallet Stack, Romeo and Juliet corner and so many more fill an entire city lot with ideas like you would find at Disneyland.

While our old "Abercrombie & Fitch" truck and vintage garage wall are favorite props we prefer you to bring your own car, pickup, cycle or kayak to make the photo your story. All of these options are designed to help make your photoshoot a fun experience and give you variety beyond what any North state studio can produce or copy from our years of collecting props and backgrounds.


With so many looks and options the biggest issue is always trying to narrow down all the photos that you LOVE. Rather that struggle to find a shot or two you want to share with friends- you will often be overwhelmed with so many that finally show off the looks you like.


You will discover all kinds of repeating patterns and textures making backgrounds that do not compete but enhance your expression and pose. Remember, if the background is stronger that the subject, you are taking backseat to a prop. We never want that to happen so we keep it all in nice soft focus drawing all the attention to you!

The next post will be our final stop of the studio tour. You will see even more of the outdoor Hollywood Portrait Park.

Make it a great day…

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