Redding Photographer Reveals all... The Mirror Room -

Redding Photographer Reveals all… The Mirror Room

Mirror room

Before we take a peek in the Hollywood Style outdoor portrait park there is still one more camera room to explore. This area was inspired by the old time movies and looks great in the warm golden silky tones or in classic black and white. Lots of hanging lights and burning candles make for a very romantic area to show a softer side of your personality.


Along the same lines is our Fashionista corner that is a retro playground and makes for fun photos with formal wear or funky layers of clothing. Here is a great place to show off your favorite hats or fashion extras that give your clothing your stamp of style.

Seniors 2014, you are down to only a few weekends before school begins. Get on the books now before the rush of your senior year takes over your life…

Have a great weekend…

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