Redding Photographer Reveals all... The White Room -

Redding Photographer Reveals all… The White Room

White room

Glad to see you came back for the next portion of the studio tour. Here you see one of my fav places to shoot indoors. Our natural light room has amazing North Light that is perfect for those with sensitive eyes and don't like the flash burst. It is really a great place to work with people that blink a lot in photos since they do not have to anticipate the flash— there are none in this low tech room!

Like all rooms in the complex it is loaded with different backgrounds and scenes. Each with a different color, style and texture. All waiting for you to enjoy during your session.

Tiger couch

The other end of the White Room with the glass block wall and jungle cat couch gives another set of looks that are playful and colorful. The gold wall is wonderful to highlight rich skin tones. We use this often with seniors and children and the occasional hip family.

By now you can see this is not the ordinary photo place. And best yet… there is soooo much more to the tour coming up.


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