Redding Photographer Reveals all... The Main Camera Room -

Redding Photographer Reveals all… The Main Camera Room

Main cameraroom

The main camera room has HUNDREDS of combinations of backgrounds and sets to match your clothing, mood and style. We want to make sure we have the colors to match your fav outfits. That is why we have a 360 degree shooting space.

Every wall is 3-4-5 layers deep with backgrounds to help you look great. We have tons of chairs of different styles to sit on, comfortable pillows to lie on and full length scenes to stand in front.

Window corner

Every inch of the studio can be used to shoot and all the furnishing are made to be props for your session. What is your style? Hip, sassy, classic, jock or bookworm. We have a background that will feature your best looks and not take away from the real star….you!


To get the best looks you have to have the best tools. Cameras and lenses are all state of the art and we have backups to everything in case of a rare break down. We also have the best lighting selection in the North State. From Hollywood glam look to ESPN edgy, soft and romantic to clean and rich classics. Lighting is the art part of photography. If you have just one light, you have just one look.  We want to show all your sides of personality and fun.

But wait- there's more! (I have always wanted to say that…)

On the next leg of the tour we will take you into another building and camera room on the studio complex to see the natural light room. This is perfect for those that hate having the flash make them blink and the bright lights that make some eyes water.


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