Redding Photographer Reveals all...Dressing Rooms -

Redding Photographer Reveals all…Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms

Last summer I was at one of the art fairs over in Lake Redding Park when I watched a poor senior girl struggling to change outfits with one of those silly pop-up dressing rooms. You may have seen them at the beach, about the size of a really small outhouse or porta potty. This one was a dark navy blue in color so the temps inside must have been hot enough to bake pizza. With every move you could see she was bouncing off the side walls wiggling and trying not to knock the thing over. She did not look too happy when she finally got out!

We prefer to use a real dressing room with MakeUp lights, closets full of tuxedos from child size to Super Size 4X and an entire room with theme clothing for children. All to use free of charge. We have an ironing board, hair tools for curling, sprays and gels, bobby pins and ties to make sure you are stress free and ready to have fun. The second dressing room is great when you have family or buddies with your session. Lots of room for all to get ready where is is cool and air-conditioned.

On the next post you will see the main camera deck. The studio portion of the building where we do the classic images and the creative indoor work.

Have a great weekend. If you are a 2014 senior you have just a month before schools starts. Call us at 244-2636 to get your senior session time locked in.


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