Christmas is for kids-Redding Holiday Photography -

Christmas is for kids-Redding Holiday Photography

 My favorite memory from childhood at Christmas is the family driving across the flat state of North Dakota to Grandma's house in a screaming blizzard at night. I still can see the headlights of our car (the only vehicle on the road)  lighting up the snowflakes as they dash themselves onto the frozen windshield. Much like a StarWars movie with laser beams or comets endlessly streaming in from a distant black hole.

The next night at church filled with the local farmers I can still feel the warmth and hear the singing from the small choir. It was a tiny white clapboard church, much like the little one here in Redding on Trinity St. just blocks from the studio. Excited for mass to end I knew when we got back to Grandmas' house we could open our ONE Christmas Eve gift.

I can't remember a thing about any of the gifts or any more from the trip. Only how warm and safe it was and how great it was to be a kid on a Holiday adventure.


tom s


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