Bad calls hurt more than football games... -

Bad calls hurt more than football games…

Like most males in America I was glued to the TV for the Monday Night Football game. There we all watched as the Green Bay Packers were robbed on national television. Even with video replay they could not get it right– something that could effect the playoffs down the line and have millions of dollars of impact for players, coaches, team owners and those companies that endorse the stars.

Schools sometimes make bad calls too and without the aid of instant replay you never see the effects until summer time after the yearbooks have been in circulation for a few days. Choosing the wrong photographer for the annual contract like some local schools do can doom an entire class to wildly varying quality of images. The average photo may look ok for the pretty girl but those challenged with weight, poor skin, low self esteem, or a poor body image may not be impressed. A bad photo shoot is damaging to ego and a waste of hard earned cash.

Remember that with all school youy can choose ANY photographer for your personal pictures. You may have to do the contract thing for the yearbook mugshot but you can still have fun with your fav photog and get the shots you want.


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