Reunion returns -

Reunion returns

I took a rare weekend off with no camera and no work scheduled. It was my 40th high school reunion down in Tracy, just past Stockton heading south on I5. Seeing how the tiny village has blossomed into a city the size of Redding was a shock. Back in the day we had only about 14,000 people and one large high school.

Now it has 4 high schools, a direct transit speed rail link to the Bay Area and homes as far as you can see on what was once prime ag land.

Over the years I had only seen a handful of the gang. For a few years I watched closely the sports pages hoping to see a few athlete friends moving onto the Bigs. Some friends from the band I was certain would be Rock Stars and a few did well playing in national bands for a time.

I remember we all had dreams. Mostly lofty and unrealistic. Who would be famous first and who would be dating movie stars and celebrities. Most of those dreams have been swept aside and real world needs and goals have been accomplished.

All in all I think the class has done well for itself.
My one main returning thought is that I am so happy to have photographs from back then.
Young, fit, cocky and proud. We were champions back then.
Still champions now but a little grey on top and round in the middle.  Go Bulldogs!!

Maybe it’s time for you to get some new photos before time changes all.


tom s


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