The Alamo, Battle of Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, 9/11-Times to remember -

The Alamo, Battle of Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, 9/11–Times to remember

There are many dates and events in America's short history that are written in blood, stained pages that tells fragments of a much larger story. Some dates have official "Holidays" to remember the trying times, others only a passing note on TV and the newspaper.

It's a shame that so much that we do remember as a nation is sorrow. The pain caused to millions of silent families that suffer in their own unsheltered world. Their memories of family and friends are often  images, snapshots in time of happier moments.

That's what we do here.

Milestone events like senior portraits, newborns and family gatherings.

Times when you heart skips a beat and the future looks it's brightest.

How will you remember these times?

Cellphone snaps that will disappear with your new phone model?

Or a portrait, album or panel that can be enjoyed now and then passed on for generations.


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