Blending Photography and Painting -

Blending Photography and Painting

Some clients want the accuracy and definition of a photograph but the feeling and brush strokes of a fine painting. We can do that traditional canvas or gallery wrap for you because we are one of the select few studios working with one of the top digital portrait painters in the USA.

Of course we can also get an oil on canvas portrait created for you but the $10,000 price tag and 4 month time frame is a touch more than most clients expect.

Check out the inset detail of the individual paint strokes and how the image has a "warmer and more friendly" feel. Clients love this type of work when they need something large and impressive in the family room or over the fireplace.

One of the neat things about this kind of work is you get to "sign off" on an Artist Proof before it goes into production. That way you are guaranteed to love the finished art piece.


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