National S'mores Day... -

National S’mores Day…

I hope by now you have had a chance this summer to do a little camping or backyard BBQ picnicking.  My fav summertime adventure is hanging out along the coast up by Trinidad in the cool fog and Redwoods.

Of course part of the allure of camping is the smokey campfires at night with the primitive cooking of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have seen a lot of burned pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches in my time. But have also enjoyed fresh fish and crab right from the Pacific along with some of the sweetest corn on the cob slathered in butter.

But the real treat is the late evening S'mores and story telling time.

Young or old everyone loves the hot marshmellow and chocolate goodies right from the fire. You always want "just one more" and can't wait until your next trip to do it again.


tom s

PS… just becasue we are focused on high school seniors right now does not mean we forget about the rest of our fanbase. Nwborns, family, kids, engagement sessions all happen all year!


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