The Olympian Secret -

The Olympian Secret

While the athlete gets all the facetime on TV and the big bucks contract if they win gold, what you don't see is the hours, days, months and years of work they have pounded out to reach this point in time. What you see even less is the parents and/or spouse that has supported the elusive dream without distraction and always praying for the one chance to have that gold medal resting on their chest.

Imagine Mom and Dad day after day hauling the child to practice or games. Working their way thru the ranks, getting stronger while moivng to better coaches and tougher competition. Always protecting against injury while pushing themselves to get the fraction of a second faster or higher.

These guys are heros.

Not the athletes… we already admire them.

But those many people who have devoted their lives to a loved one that has seen the light of the Olympic torch in their dreams.


tom s


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