How to get great photos -

How to get great photos

This time of year we get a lot of out of town senior and family sessions. Being on the road and away from your closet and favorite stores means you have to be better prepared for your photo shoot. Here are 5 quick things to make sure your portraits end up exactly how you want.

1. Know what you want… Formal or Casual, Indoor or Outside, Artistic or more Realistic.

2. Know how and where your images will be displayed… which will determine vertical or horizontal composition and design, full length or bust framing and color blending to fit the decor of the area.

3. Choose clothing that will flatter… because the camera does lie and it will exaggerate body parts if you draw attention to them. Stripes are most always bad. Lighter shades tend to make you look larger. Sleeveless tops show upper arms that will make you look flabby. Ask for the FREE clothing consultation to nail your look and style!

4. Keep it simple. Lots of colors in a portrait is confusing and take away from expression.  With families we suggest no more than THREE colors total in the photo.

5. Communicate with the photographer so he knows what are your expectations, needs and desires. What is the ONE shot that will make the session a success?  Anything additonal is bonus material for you and your family to enjoy forever!


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