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A special day in my heart…

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Disneyland first opening way back in 1955.

I have seen some of the grainy black and white video from the day with the proud Walt giving viewers a tour of his dream vacation spot.

You first notice the quaint clothing and hairstyles of the era. Then you see all the open space yet to be filled with even more rides and places to shop.

But what you see that has not changed is all the faces of happy children.

Laughing. Excited. Thrilled to be part of what soon would be an American icon.

My Bucket List includes a visit to all the Disney Worldwide properties.

With luck Japan next and then France. Then off to what new resorts are being designed around the globe.

It will be a blast hearing kids laugh and chatter in all the different languages.

After all…. we are all just big kids….


tom s


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