Can you help NOW... -

Can you help NOW…

Here it is my shot at fame and fortune…. well sorta!   Help me reach the finals!!!

What I need is no less than 30 people to sign up for SOCGratitude Challenge.

Go to the direct link to join.

Starting right now.

I have 24 hours to help make the world a better place.

You can help your many family and friends that need a lift, a kind word, a pat on the shoulder, a ray of hope.

Make somebody's day and see how your week gets better instantly.

Will you invest just $9.80 or $31 to change a life?

The Big Tom Guarantee —–I will refund 100% of your small investment if your world does not get better after sending a few custom SOC cards.

You know where to find me and know I will follow thru!  Call me if you have questions or need help signing in on Friday.   Studio # is 530-244-2636 during the day or cell is 530-917-4929 after hours.

thank you & peace,

tom s


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