City under Siege -

City under Siege

Had a friend come up for the weekend to talk business and brainstorm all the world's issues. We hungout poolside with some frosty adult beverages talking about the frightening number of adult males you see walking about town during the daytime. Young and old, seemingly aimless or begging for spare change.

The carjacking earlier this week again highlights the real problem we have as a parolee dumping ground. Already lacking in jobs you throw in dozens if not hundreds of "bad boys" with no place to go.

What's it going to take to halt this crazy idea? Some innocent killed or enough robberies and break-ins where the citizens revolt in a not so peaceful manner? With the hot summer just around the corner, the influx of tourists and the police department already streched to it's limits we all need to keep a cool head and be watching out for each other.

Be careful out there…


tom s

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