Flying High/Redding Photographer -

Flying High/Redding Photographer

I know it is a good week when I get to fly and shoot.

Thre is nothing like being in a small plane or helicopter with the door off and your feet hanging out in the breeze with a 180 degree panoramic of the scene below.

This time of year is best with everything still lush and green and alive with Spring colors.

Plus from the air you get a unique perspective on the area. A better idea of how things link together and a view that shows oppotunities to follow up on.

If you ever get the chance, do some business with the local airport and do a local scenic flight. You can call the Redding Jet Center or Air Shasta Rotor and Wing for a treat of a trip!

Remember too that on Father's Day at Benton Airpark at the top of the hill on Placer Street you can get 10 minute flights for just a few bucks. It may be for kids only so you will have to check on that but the pancake breakfast they serve and all the cool planes to check out is worth the trip anyway.


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