Gold in them thar hills... -

Gold in them thar hills…

On Sunday I had time to run down to Red Bluff for the Gold Show to see all the mining equipment and listen to a couple lectures on proper technique.  It was well worth the trip and time picking up some pointers on how to properly use the sluice box and how to triangulate the source of gold when you finally do find a "honey hole".

Not that I have time for another interest or hobby but gold panning was something I always enjoyed when my Dad was still around. Out in the sunshine, along a creek bed, in the quiet outdoors for a long weekend was a good way to unwind and use some muscles that don't get worked every day.

Of course the added bonus was finding a small nugget or watching the pan empty of the dirt while a thin line of gold dust formed on the bottom edge with the black sand. It is nothing like the big operations you see on TV with Alaskan Gold Rush or those crazy folks on Bering Sea Gold.  But I still would love to try a week of real mining up there someday….


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