Day two of Woodland Nymphs -

Day two of Woodland Nymphs

Just finished our second full day of the Flower Fairy sessions and have all day tomorrrow to finish off the promo for the year again. The little girls love the clothing and adore the unique 3D background and props we use to make the scene realistic… not some cheap poster or bedsheet tacked to the wall!

Once we are done with the production work of getting all the portraits printed and delivered we will begin working on our high school senior Photo Play Dates. These annual March sessions give me time to workout the kinks in new equipment, sets and outdoor scenes we build during the  winter break we get after Xmas.

If you know any Senior Class of 2013 or 2014 boys or girls we would love to get them on board for some fun over the top sessions. They can call 244-2636 to sign in for an interview to see if they fit the look! These are free SHOWCASE sessions but they have to be unique in theme and clothing! No boring pix like Mom and Dad's senior pix from years ago!

Have a great weekend…


tom s


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