More Tiger Talk... Redding Photography -

More Tiger Talk… Redding Photography

You may have seen the new family session commercials on Channel 7, KRCR this week or you will start seeing them today on many of the cable channels. The Kirshner Wildlife Foundation fund raiser we are doing now gets you a FREE studio or outdoor session with your $25 or $75 tax deductible donation.

While the big cats are the Rock Stars and the public face of the foundation, there is much more to what they do and how they do it all. In addition to the lions, and tigers and bears they have birds, reptiles and plenty of smaller furry creatures.

A great Kirshner story that ties to the hot new movie Dolphin Tale showcases this pretty bird. Missing his beak due to an abusive owner he now has a custom made prosthetic beak that was donated by a local craftsman! These folks love animals… any way they can help they find a way.  Now you can help the animals with a donation to them while getting a free photo shoot from us!


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