Know anybody in England and/or Singapore? -

Know anybody in England and/or Singapore?

Working on a couple big projects and need introductions. Would love to Skype a few minutes to get a feel for the local culture and mindset.

Senior-wise we have several water shoots coming up this weekend and early next week. We love doing the different creative things with style and not looking like Mom shot the pix in the backyard with her new camera from Costco.

Also those Facebook profile pix taken with your cellphone just are not cutting it anymore. No matter how many people say how AMAZING you look they are full of it and you know it. What is AMAZING is how honest people can be when they are b****ing about something and how clueless they are with their throw away comments. Learn to accept only quality in your life and you will live with much less stress and issues to deal with down the line!


tom s


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