Hot and Humid makes for tough outdoor photos... -

Hot and Humid makes for tough outdoor photos…

The last few days with temps in the low 100's and high sticky humidity has made outdoor pix miserable for those few seniors that did not think thru their photogrpaher choice. In the cool confort of their home they thought it was a great idea getting a discount shooter to play photographer and model aorund the park while they sweat up a storm ruining makeup, hair and staining clothing. Red faced and panting they quickly realized why has 3 cool indoor shooting areas and the outdoor Hollywood style portrait park just yards away from all that wonderful air conditioning. 

Now is the time to set your August appointment before school and activities kick into high gear. The 50/50 August Special saves you money and gets you a great product to share with family and friends. Of course you get free Facebook pix on all your ordered poses! 

Want to have even more fun with your senior session?

Book your session with another senior 2012 for FREE buddy shots. Call 244-2636 to schedule at Photography.


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