2012 seniors... did you get it yet?/Redding Pictures - jrobstudios.com

2012 seniors… did you get it yet?/Redding Pictures

Check the mail box for your final chance to get 50% off senior sessions in July!  August sessions are only 25% off– then the rest of the year you have the full price with no early bird discounts! Call 244-2636 to lock in your savings.

Did you know that on this day in 1988 the Die Hard movie saga began with Bruce Willis? The action packed show made him a star and the leading dude for over a decade. A great guy movie… something we seem to be getting less of now that so many releases are SciFi comic heros,  special FX displays with little plot or character or teen Chick Flix.A good Western would be a nice change of pace too!

Enjoy a movie this weekend… save some popcorn for me!


tom s



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