Foothill Playoff Game tonight...Redding Sports Photography -

Foothill Playoff Game tonight…Redding Sports Photography

See ya at the BB game tonight. Should be a good one with Corning coming up cocky and confident.

Had a busy day with kiddie sessions and getting the final touches recording a new radio ad for KQMS and KSHASTA. We are going full bore ahead to win even more prizes than the last couple years where we scored 11 kids each year in the National Finals.

While the prizes are nice the being made famous on the MallWall is exciting the real reason to have pix done now is to have something special to hold onto of your child at this age. Kids grow and change so fast you can almost see it in real time. Without a good portrait of your child you are loosing forever this moment, this feeling.

Join us for a great time and special session for just $9.95 including not one but two outfits and a couple photos. As seen on TV and heard on the radio…. call at 244-2636 to schedule your child's photos.


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