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What is beauty?/Redding Photographer

It's too bad that so many people think going to a good photographer is all about getting a huge smile. The unkowning client assumes the session is filled with half baked jokes and attempts to force a fake smile in order to make the shoot go quickly and move on.

A great photographer however is aware of the many emotions and "faces' we all own.  Different personalities and looks for different situations and demands. A good expression is not always a big smile… a good expression looks deep into the person's heart and soul.

My personal style is all about the eyes. At least half of my work is with NO smile where we focus on the connection and relationship in the eyes. When people first walk into the studio they tend to wander from display print to print looking at the lighting, pose, background and expression.  Finally they declare there is something DIFFERENT about all the images here at Schmidt Photography.  After awhile they realize the photos feel like they are looking back to the viewer, connecting, telling their tale.


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