It's not toooo late... -

It’s not toooo late…

If you are like me and my family you have to wait for your photo Holiday cards until the all the family is in town.  Often that means the Christmas cards morph into New Years cards and on occasion (rare as that may be) Valentines cards.

No worries…

Family and friends just care about that you did remember them and still want to see your family portraits and read the stories of your life from the past year.  We are doing tons of fun family sessions the next three weeks. Complete with pets. With Grandparents flying across country. And a few newly engaged couples with their new family for the first time!

Our Xmas card this year?  A fun shot we will do next Monday after douaghter returns from school down in San Diego. It will be a 15×7 inch tri panel SendOutCard panorama that will be a kick to create. I will share it here after it is finished!


tom s


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