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Let it snow…

While I have enjoyed the warm fall and LOVE the great fall colors I am feeling the need to grab some skis and head into the mountqains for some real R&R. Asdide from some beach time the best way for me to unwind is with my X-Country snow gear climbing some distant peak.

True quiet.

Just the soft hiss of the skis cutting a track on the fresh snow blanket.

After a day like that you sleep like a baby and the next day you feel all the muscles you ahve not used in thelast 10 months.

See you up there…


tom s


PS.  Still a FEW openings left for the Haven Humane fund rasier.  Your family and pet session is only a $25 donation to Haven and includes a print of your fav shot!  Call 244-2636 to reserve.



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