There comes a time... -

There comes a time…

after nearly 40 years of shooting Redding area high school games… just to make sure the yearbooks and school papers had good free action images for the students to look good, it end the committment. Count 10-13 games each season, every Friday night rain or shine, Shasta, Enterprise, Foothill, CV, West Valley, Bishop Quinn, even as far as Red Bluff and Weaverville for the most interesting game of the week.  Almost 500 evenings of my life on the field after a long day and week at work… Nearly two YEARS stacked end to end.

There have been favorites.

The best game ever… maybe the best game high school, college or Pro was a couple years ago at the Thompson field Riverbowl with Enterprise squeezing out a last minute win after both teams made heroic  final drives.

Favorite player… Jason Honey from West Valley. A fearless kick and punt return man that had one speed and one direction. Every return was a potential TD.

Favorite coach… Clay Erro from Enterprise. A class act,  a teacher always on the field. Good play or bone head mistake he was always working to help the kids get better, build character while keeping a cool head.

Favorite team… Clark Tuthill's Shasta from 22 years ago. The famous undefeated Panic Zone was the tightest TEAM ever. All for one and One for all. I was fortunate enough to do senior pix on all the starters and have watched many of them grow up to start their own families and biz.

Favorite offense…Foothill with coach Bryon Hamilton who knows and feels the game and every year somehow makes things exciting and fast. Foothill also has the best field and fans. Loud and supportive.

One door closes and another opens. I can't wait to make my new Friday Night lights more productive for me and my family!


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