Back in Redding! -

Back in Redding!

Last week was one of those Road Warrior marathons when the studio grinds to a halt to take care of important family life and a bit a football fun. Somehow I missed the coolest day in August in Redding since the original Ice Age. But I feel the fall weather coming soon so be prepared for outdoor family portraits with GREAT color this year.

After shooting the SF 49er vs Viking game last week we picked up the daughter at SF International from her flight from Tanzania. We gave her just a day to rest and pack then drove her back to San Diego to get her new apartment set up for the coming school year.

A couple days of organizing stuff and hanging photos and shelves on the walls made her new home a place to enjoy and productive for a full load of classes. We got back to Redding in time to see the 49ers give the annual spank to the Raiders (who look MUCH better this year). So now it is back to seniors and babies and families and some prep football this weekend!!!


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