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HeeHaw… Rodeo Week/Redding Photography

I love Rodeo Week.

I get to wear my cowboy boots with my black hat and nobody stares and wonders why the city slicker is all duded up.  🙂

The boots I bought in Texas during a break from a shoot I was doing for Dan Kennedy are so comfortable I enjoy just walking in them even if the two inch heal makes me as tall as an NBA forward. Plus I really like hats. I would be very comfortable in the early early to mid 1900's where men routinely wore hats any time they left the house.

Now days all you see is boring baseball caps. 

Wannabe badboys and rednecks. Not style or statement of the person, just an affiliation to a team or cause.

Wear your hat to the annual Roaring Gulch Pancake Breakfast on Friday. I'll see ya there!


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