Mmmmmmm good stuff... Redding Food Photography -

Mmmmmmm good stuff… Redding Food Photography

When I first opened the studio over 30 years ago I did only commercial ads and magazine work plus weddings on weekends. My training was all about advertising and has always been my first love when it comes to technique and execution. For years I did most of the ads for Jhirmack and KMS and other local businesses that had a desire to grow national.

The more I photographed people the more I found I enjoyed the interaction and with early clients that made wedding and prom dresses I morphed into more of a people/fashion shooter as the needs of my clients changed.

About this time a few high school seniors discovered me and wanted something way different than the boring school contract work.  Again my clients changed and along with their needs we started doing much more studio and on location portraits. Over the last 20 years the portrait business has dominated my time and energy but now I see another shift on the horizon.

Commercial work again is on the rise (like these food shots I did yesterday) and with the new "toys" and software I keep adding there may be a time in the near future that video plays a large part of the studio offerings.  Ya just never know how the business will trend and evolve…. but it is always an exciting journey!

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