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Happy New Year!

While much of the world partied last night I was putting the finishing touches on this project with a Monday deadline.  Really… it is the way I preferred to end a year on a uptick. Doing something creative, clearing off the desktop of a huge file (almost 500 mgs with 26 layers for you photo geeks), and getting the year started right for a client I know will be super successful.

Much of the media is talking up another year of New Years Resolutions and how they are likely to fail in this first week of 2010. The more important topic I believe is New Years Goals.  I see resolutions as tactical… little things to do while GOALS are the big picture. Where do you want to be. What is your 2010 end Net Worth. Who are the friends you want to be more involved in your life.

Sure you want to lose a few pounds and be less stressed but where in the world will that then take you….


tom s


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