It's hard to believe ... -

It’s hard to believe …

we are only days away from Christmas. This year has been a flurry of changes both personally and in the business.  While we lost the daughter to college we picked up some time to travel more and to do more custom work. Our new equipment is allowing us to do more large scale presentations and is opening new venues of opportunity… often returning me to my commercial roots and with luck giving me more time to expand into more traditional B&W landscape photography.

Tomorrow morning the final job due for the Holidays will be off to the lab and it will finally be time to reflect on 2009's successes and shortcomings. More important will be the planning, brainstorming and dreaming of the future.  I can tell you now that the first 3 months will have hundreds if not several thousand kids coming thru the studio.  We are going to be super busy so if you have something you want make sure to book early!


tom s


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