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Ever feel the energy…

that good things are starting to line up and within a few days great things happen in huge waves of opportunity? 

Got that feeling all day today.

Been working like a crazy man on a list of projects that most people would take a year to complete.  I got a 30 day deadline self imposed to make a ton of things happen to finish off 2009 strong and start 2010 like a rocket blasting off to Mars.

I was thinking late…..really late last night about business and how it runs on cycles. Talking with fellow biz owners I set how different people have different ideas on how to best make things work. From that I have come up with a new motto for my everyday mindset….

Motion makes momentum  …

I like the way it sounds and how it fires a response deep in my reptilian brain. It's time to move something or move somebody…


tom s


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