Brady... "Take the skirt off!" -

Brady… “Take the skirt off!”

Rodney Harrison gave the media the quote of the week with his challenge to the best QB of the decade to get tough or get out.  I don't expect to see any skirts tonight at the Shasta game or next week at the River Bowl. When you have 3 undefeated teams in town this late in the season you know there will be some fireworks flying soon. Glad I can be in town to see all the action!

I am looking for another cool prop.  Do you have in the garage or out in the barn a nifty child size snow sleigh?  What I have is not good enough for this year's program and looking for something that is striking and memorable!  Let's talk about renting it for a few days later this year!


tom s


  1. laura gamsby says:

    This picture looks awesome. when was it taken? I love all the color and vibrance that it shows.

  2. laura gamsby says:

    Has the young man in the picture been touched up yet? His eyes are a beautiful blue.

  3. laura gamsby says:

    This picture was taken on October 5th. No the young man in the picture has not been touched up yet, those are my eyes.

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