Where were you before Google? How has your world changed in the last 10 years? Where were you before Google? Remember a time before smart phones, google being the “all knowing resource” shopping at the Mall?   Not long ago sports were done mostly outside while now there are huge arenas filled with spectators watching […]

The face of innocence Did you miss it? That special look your child had when growing up. The twinkle in the eye, the pouchy pout, the hardy laugh when they could hardly stand. How can you not love a face like that? Can you see the traits of Mommy or Daddy? How did the gene […]

Fairytales and Photos Have you ever wondered why Jack and Jill went UP the hill to get a pail of water?   Not the brightest light bulbs in the pack I would surmise. Knowing water flows down makes it pretty obvious they were working way too hard for the results they were looking to get […]

Happy New Year 2017 It’s Time for a Great New Year Beginning… Each new year starts like a newborn child. Full of hope, potential and wonder. Every day is a new adventure of learning, growing, plodding along trying to avoid the bumps and bruises but knowing without them you cannot reach your next level or […]

Christmas Wish I may be a bit biased but I do believe there is a special bond between fathers and daughters. Call it personal experience from watching my daughter grow up or watching the thousands of families we have photographed over the 40 years in business.   This is the first year in a quarter […]

Avoid the Elf Rebellion You didn’t know Santa and I were buddies? More than just casual buddies but you can meet Santa’s official family photographer. It’s true, on my Alaska trip 3 years ago with little bro Jerry we spent some time chatting up some ideas in Nome. We have some similar hobbies like photography […]

Christmas Time Family Photos Ya’ll know how much I love black and white portraits. Kids, families, boudoir, business portraits and sports. There is something magic about black and white. Clean. Focused. No distractions. If you love b&w too call for a studio session or to chat about your ideas and directions. Of course we also […]

Great Pictures for Grandma It’s time to get Great Pictures for Grandma as gifts for Christmas which is less than two months away! This little guy has my personal vote for being a wonderful Santa’s elf. An absolute darling full of laughter and playfulness. We enjoy each client, youngster or senior citizen, as they come in […]

It’s that time of year when we focus our attention to mostly family portraits. In the studio and outdoors with the fall colors starting to change. We love to see two, three and even four generations in the photoshoot. Even your favorite dog is allowed to come along and be part of your clan. Call […]

Your Headshot…Your Brand Headshots are still the staple of portrait photography. Use them for on-line profiles, pageants, job applications, branding, senior portraits and gifts. They can be for children or adults seeking to improve their lot in life.  Photogenic contests or applications for residency to a hospital. Dating sites or making the move to that […]