A beautiful unique portrait To my astonishment tears pooled in her eyes…   It starts about age ten for many girls and they often never outgrow it. We see it all the time in teens, 20’s – 50’s and even sweet little grandma’s in their 80’s.   Maybe it’s the mass media with the celebrity […]

Family reunion photo shoots during the Holidays Dancing in New York City. Ad Agency in Bend Or. Medical school in Pittsburg. Stationed in Germany. Press Secretary in Sacramento. Working on PHD in Boston. Getting married in Feb. Coding software in The Valley.   My favorite thing about doing family portraits during the Holidays? Catching up […]

How to choose the best photographer for your next photoshoot. To assume your photographer does nothing but click a camera shutter and instantly, magically “Photoshop” images to perfection is naive. A well trained photographer starts the art at the first contact finding out what you want and getting a feel for your personality and style. […]

  Wow it has been a super busy Spring and early Summer. So much so that I have updated the Facebook page most days but have ignored the blog pages and website. A ton of things going on both in the biz and personally. The Kids Contest is finally over and delivered to the judges. […]

Finally with graduations over we are settling down into our regular shooting and creative mode. Lots of family reunions already on the books, Seniors 2016 start in just a couple weeks and of course we have a few special theme sessions for the kids and for our glamour departments. Don’t worry about those insane hot […]

The last sports action shoot for the week! Many MANY years ago in junior high I did wrestle for one season. I was the long skinny kid with too much in gangly arms and legs. I enjoyed getting in such good shape for the three intense two minute rounds. Overall I did ok but only […]

Winter sports are in full swing as long as you don’t need any snow! Hoop, soccer, wrestling have my schedule after school filled with action pix. It’s great to see the competition, drive and relationships being built on the floor, pitch and mat. These games are memories that the kids will never forget. Bonds forged […]

We keep working on the ton of new looks and themes for 2015. Just in time for the Valentines Day dances and winter proms you can get an edgy look to set you apart. The geeky boyfriend will love the bat mask and even he gets to play dress up!