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Are you a senior? There are four kind of seniors we photograph at the studio and on location. High school seniors are still the main part of our business. They are photographed year around indoors and outside. With super stylist Trina at All Pinned Up next door we have MakeOvers for the girls to highlight […]

Fabulous Fall 2017 Seniors The great thing about modern high school seniors is the incredible variety of interests and hobbies they now have to share. Skilled in music, sports, art makes a well rounded student with lots of areas to pursue and master a craft. When we do senior pictures the more you bring in […]

Graduations for high school seniors and college kids are just around the corner so emotions from the graduates and parents tend to vary. Many of the kids are already in “short timer” mode counting days, hours, minutes to get out of school and out of town. They see the open road to adventure and the […]

Another day on the hardwood. This time with the scrappy Anderson and Lassen girls hoop teams. As usual lots of action and fun to watch and photograph. Tonight will be high school wrestling. Then finally time to focus on the Valentines Glamour and Boudoir pix and the Wedding Show Sunday Feb 8 out at Simpson […]

Winter sports week for TA Schmidt Photography continues. I do understand that soccer is the world’s most popular sport. I just do not understand why… For 90 minutes the teams run around this huge field for a score or two. Unlike basketball, football or even baseball where scoring can come fast and furious. It’s the […]

Just two weeks into the new year and it’s already time for the first accountability check. How many of those New Years Resolutions are still going strong and how many need a restart, reboot, reconfigure or rethink? This is the perfect time of year to look at your life through the 80/20 lens frame. What […]

A new year, a new set of goals and plans,  new challenges and new adventures. What are you hoping to achieve this year? Graduate from school? Build your business? Travel and see some of the world? It all begins today. Here at TA Schmidt Photography we are adding more video, adding more custom sessions with […]

It seems that a few years of drought has dulled the minds of many Shasta county residents when it comes to weather. With all the warnings and hoopla you would think we have never seen a storm before. It’s not like 4 feet of snow has snarled all the roadways. Redding has had rainstorms I […]

With senior portraits nearing the end the family sessions are taking up more and more time during our limited window of opportunity to use the fall colors. You can see them popping out everywhere with golden and rusty red hues. Each day they get darker and more rich. Until a big wind or rain washes […]

In my mind tonight’s trick or treaters mark the annual kick off for the Holiday Season. Once the little goblins and princesses finish their rounds we knuckle down for the final promos of the year. High School Seniors continue to roll through the studio getting the images they did not get with the contract shooter. […]