Soon to be famous? We do a lot of headshots. Business folks for their profiles, business cards, websites and blogs. Authors for their book jackets and sales pages. Wanna be models for their Zed cards and look-sees. Some famous, some soon to be famous, some quite content just to carry on. You decide to make […]

With Christmas just days away thoughts for an exciting and profitable 2016 may be on the back burner. However if you own or manage a local business you know it can never be far from your immediate thoughts to stay on top of regulations, competition, staff and marketing. You see everyday how old school techniques […]

The world is but a stage and we are the actors, or something like that from our old English friend Shakespeare. Who you are depends on context, who is around you and where you are located at the moment. You carry a different persona with family than with friends. At work you are a different […]